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Gov't Mule
Uptown Amphitheatre @ The Music Factory
Charlotte, NC

Set 1
Brighter Days >
Larger Than Life
Have Mercy On The Criminal
Gameface with Mountain Jam Tease
Birth Of The Mule
Lay Your Burden Down >
Smokestack Lightning >
Lay Your Burden Down >
Steppin' Lightly
Broke Down On The Brazos

Set 2
Railroad Boy >
The Shape I'm In
Temporary Saint
Effigy >
Hey Joe >
Effigy >
Folsom Prison Blues Jam >
Drums >
Fallen Down > with Paint It Black Tease
The Other One Jam >
30 Days In The Hole

Ol' '55 with Jackie Greene, First time Played
After Midnight with Jackie Greene

Damn good Mule show the other night in Charlotte. The sound was perfect in this cool little ampitheater, and they played the hell out of every song. Jorgen seems to have gotten the bass thing right for Mule and he was just on fire all night. They all were.

Rain threatened all evening but it never dumped on us. We got in during Larger Than Life, which was fun and a great way to come into the show. Have Mercy on the Criminal is my favorite new song and Warren pulled it off beautifully. Really great Gameface followed with a seriously funky bass line going. Lay Your Burden Down>Smokestack was killer. Very nice guitar work from Warren. I was a happy camper after set 1, but set 2 brought me to a whole new high happy place. Incredible Effigy> Hey Joe in there. Temporary Saint is always great, and this time was the best I've ever heard it. The sound was just amazing - kudos to sound people at this show. Fallen Down>Other one Jam just killed it. Fierce jamming. The encore was terrific fun, too with that cheesy Eagles (right?) song Ol 55 played well. After Midnight was a perfect conclusion to the show. Jackie Greene has a great voice for that tune. Loved it.

If you haven't seen the Mule lately and have plans to catch them on this tour, you're in for a real treat. They sound more like the old school Mule than they have in years. Very bass-heavy and gritty as hell. Awesome time!

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Ol' 55 is a Tom Waits song. The Eagles had a minor hit with it.

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I saw'em do "Have Mercy on the criminal" back in 06' in Anaheim. In my opinion it's one of the coolest covers you can see them perform