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Got the muletracks sbd tonight (pales in comparison to many of the auds)

To make the floyd set one disc:

1. Remove money and comfortably numb. (The former is a one ever needs to hear a cover of money. The latter is a disappointment... Come on, make it your own or rip it an new one!!)
2. Edit wish you were here to remove 2+ minutes of crowd noise
3. Fit Million Miles from Yesterday to fill out the encore. (can't end a cd with wywh)

Really, this show is ALL ABOUT the two parts of Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Carlsson makes this happen, and Louis finally brings it.

DSOM stuff is less than so so. Warren fucks up the lyrics and vocals in Time, as well as the solos. This whole sequence is rushed. Great Gig almost rescues the piece, but not quite. I can't listen to Money of Numb.

Followed by THE SHIT of the show: SOYCD Parts 6-9.

Then bringing it back to the what the Mule does best, with THE quintessential mule track Blind Man In The Dark.

I think I'll edit this down to a 40 minute set.