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This is actually ten years old, but worth taking a look at if you want good a good chuckle!

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Bootzila View profile
Today, or maybe tomorrow, will be my tenth aniversay of my first phish show. This took place at a little bar in Waitsfield VT called Gallagher's. I was a freshman at UVM and my friend Andy Cotton(now the bass player for Gordon Stone band) took me down to see the show. I was not old enough looking, and so I had to sneak in the back door to this bar. This was easily accomplished, and I found myself standing in their pool room looking around the inside of a bar and considering myself a customer for maybe the second time in my life. In other words to me it was a bigger deal to be inside of a bar than it was to see this band. Kind of wierd, huh? Needless to say, I moved over to the bar and got a beer. They had a dead sticker up on the wall that I had purchased the previous summer while on tour which now hung on my dormroom door. Phish took the stage shortly after, and played a great set of music. I really have no clue what all they played, but I was definitely starting to catch a buzz from the alcohol. As Trey took the stage to tune for the second set, I walked up to him and told him that I really liked his guitar, and I was impressed by the variety of tones that he could get out of it. We talked for five minutes or so about hollowbodies and tone, and I remember thinking that he was a really nice guy. The second set started and I remember the second song or so into the set Trey makes this anouncement. He says that in honor of Reagan's last night in office, this will be the last time that they will play "Nancy Reagan". And then they played it. It was a funny song as I recall. Off the front of the bar there was a nice outdoor porch, and this was a heavily frequented spot for fresh air. Besides "Nancy Reagan", I really don't recall any of the music they played. Maybe thy also played "Fee". I do remember being impressed by their sound, lyrics, and of course Trey's great guitar work and Page's screaming Organ. I remember on the way home that night thinking that I needed to see them many more times, which has become sort of a habbit for me. That spring I saw the first Paridise show, L&L, shows at the Front, as well as the last show at Nectar's which included an appearance by Ninja Mike. I remember being the only person on the dancefloor at the Front when the music started and they would play three sets. Then there was the night Trey blew the TMWSIY guitar riffs, and stayed at the bar after everyone left and practiced his guitar. Its amazing how big Phis has gotten. Every once in a while this makes me sad, like right now, but that is a very selfish feeling. I have always been happy to see them grow. I remember the first Theatre show in Boston (before the Summerville Theatre), and it wasn't very good. As we drove home that night the discussion centered around how Phish will make this transition into bigger places, how seats are no good for dancing(as opposed to a barfloor), and what to drink when there is no bar. I always had the opinion that Phish will grow, and that they will adjust and make it sound right. They have. Four or five years later, I was at the first sold out show at Great Woods. The sound and energy was just right, and the band tore it up. I felt justified at last in many ways because they had made the transition without compromising the music. In conclusion, I would just like to thank the Band for making the last ten years ones of unforgettable times and music, and thank all of y'all for catching on and making this band what it is today, the best. Lets hope that the next ten will be just as fun and exciting to watch and be a part of, and I'll be seeing ya in the middle of the Pacific in just under a year!

Yours Truly Greg Ehle