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Gov't Mule - Most of the set, may not be in order

By A Thread
Broke Down on the Brazos
Shape I'm In
Thorazine Shuffle
Fallen Down (w/Karl Deson)
Other One Jam (w/Karl)
How Many More Years (w/Dave Schools)


Henry Parsons Died
Jaded Tourist
Low Spark>Arleen>Low Spark (w/Karl Denson)
Little Lily
Stop Breaking Down Blues
Space Wrangler

Climb To Safety
Shut Up And Drive
Travelin' Man
You Should Be Glad
Papa's Home>Drums>Papa's Home Tall Boy

Waiting for the Bus (all w/Warren)
Jesus Just Left Chicago
Life During Wartime

My first Panic Show. Great venue. 4,ooo but still pretty intimate. A couple of balconies. General floor was full (show soldout a week ahead) but the spead heads were kind.
Mule played for 90 minutes and came out burning and never let up. First time hearing them do the Shape I'm In. Very funky version that morphed into something else before all of the verses came out. Danny started out on guitar, played some keys/organ but also played a lot of trumpet (not high enough in the mix)When Karl Denson came out things went to another level, especially went they kicked into the Other One. Then Schools came out and pushed them even further. A fine set.

Widespread had some great energy. I found Bell's voice less annoyinglive. Jimmy smoked it of course. I was impressed with Bell's slide work as well. Nice to have a tune by John Herman (Jaded Tourist) to change things up. The Low Spark>Arleen was clearly the highlight for me, with Karl Denson tearing it up. Really nice to get a Party At Your Mama's House (on my wish list) and the whole set was strong. Set ended at 11:36 but by 12:30 I was waning. Went for a slice and after 1AM I could tell they were gonna play another full set. Wasn'table to stay for Warren and Jimmy on the same stage. Heard he came out for 3 tunes around 2:30AM. Great musicians that still don't quite take me there like the Q or even ABB. Still glad I went, especially seeing Schools and Denson play with Mule.