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hhhmm, mayhap this does not qualify as a show review.....!

this is gonna be long so thanks in advance for indulging or feel free to disregard, but I am indulging my own Space Cadet Glowy Ass & telling the story in it's full Glorious Beauty (: (:

as usual I had a great debate about doing this, as $$, time, kids, all those considerations always weigh on my show going decisions, but with my Reading miracle & already procured tics for MSG, that helped.

Plus, The Wall was the soundtrack of my angsty teen years, and it is funny because, looking back I remember the album was won at the local arcade for getting high score of the week (Tempest, baybee) & even saw the movie with tix won the same way...

Sooooo, it seems Freebie is the magic to the Wall for me, and that music meant so so so much to me~ I would play it at level 20 & sing at the top of my lungs for was my solace and peace and outlet for the bullshit pain I went through back then.

ANYwho, last night, thanks to goading by such fine folk as Glory I said fuck it and, dressed in my work clothes, headed down to South Philly to the whatnot center..

Arrived an hour before showtime, busted out my tarot sign & ticket finger, & trudged around the venue 2 or 10 times~ ran into Zerb right away, as well as some excellent Splintered Sunlight folk I love dearly, and even some cool random hippie chick told me there would be no question that I was to get in..well there were more people looking (how the hell did all these civilains learn the Finger In The Air trick anyway?!) than I expected and the $99 tics at the box office were WAAAAYY beyond my budget.

Scalpers approached me & when I told them I had $40 they scoffed. I told them enjoy wiping your ass later with your unsold tix, which, p.s.~> they were charging TWO & THREE hundy for "reallll gooood seats maaaan" Yea eat me.

Plus the tarot was not getting a much better recpetion, and although I was getting pretty surly I hafta say the drunken 4some who asked for a "Parrot Reading" did make me chuckle.

so it was getting close to showtime and i had JUST texted Peg & Mutha2k that it wasn't happening, although my
"back up plan" was to bribe a guard with a twenty who was working the smoker's corral set up outside the building, but that wasn't looking good either..

as I passed my vehicle and decided by instinct to keep walking a bit furth(u)r, sho nuff I came upon a corral with a bigass gap in the railings, and the One & Only "guard" was some chick fully engaged in chattery with some peeps.

After a nanosecond I decided to take my chances & roll the dice...I slipped through and the Invisibility Bubble was in good shape: I WAS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

I mean it was laughable how easy it ended up being after the trepidation and crestfallenness I was feeling over it all once it was 7:50 & I knew my time was running out~

So I knew Zerb & Fafa were in the 103-106 range of seats, and I started heading toward those sections. Was going to head upstairs but fortunately couldn't figure out how to get up there.

I randomly pop into a section as I know show must be beginning real soon, & as I go in the guard chickie is like "you know where you're going, right?" Oh I sure do!! Sometimes it pays to look like a middle aged mom (;

I walk in and realize I am in the section NEXT TO THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!! On the Phil side, RIGHT THERE! I found an empty end seat which was almost immediately retrieved by some dood, oh sorry man.

Across the aisle is a couple in the end seats but inside 2 are empty. That row & the one above has a pair on the inside...I excuse myself into the row to discover the chick is WAY preggo, I *almost* told them to forget it, but since she worked so hard to get up, I took the seats. I then proceeded to sit with my stuff all in my lap & fingers crossed and willing everyone who came in after me to keep on moving, which they DID!

Not long after: the SHOW begins~

I am hardly even going to review the thing itself because it was an experience beyond words. What I will say & what made it extraodinarily (sp?) special was that, being Veteran's Day, Roger made mention of the fact he was aware of the significance of the day, and indicated this was especially meaningful to him as well, despite the 2 prior Philly shows that week.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ~ my seats ended up being FIVE ROWS off the floor, and literally 20 feet from *The Wall* with an amazing view and space to spare!!!!!

My theory is that I did, indeed, get a pair of seats some scalper was salting, peppering, and eating for dinner unsold, as nobody ever came to claim them~ it was so thrilling and magical and amazing that simply following my instincts landed me in the perfect place and exaclty where i was MEANT TO BE!!!

ok, to wrap up my possibly longest post ever, 2 things:

the couple next to me, it turns out, were from South America, and her man had just run the NYC marathon so they decided to stop by Philly & catch the show!!! She said they took their 12 year old to see the Dark Side of the Moon tour a few years back but that "thees show is much MUCH better" they were so sweet gorgeous, lovely folks!

annnnd, oh shit wtf was the other thing?! hahahaha maybe I will post it once I recall it (:

ok so for now I will be done, oh except to say it was early enough and cosmic timing and placement were such that afterward I hit the 2nd set of the local Splintered Sunlight show (where they did Comfortable in the 1st set I heard was to die for) and their set was fanfuckingtabulous!!!

H>S>F>Estimated>Terrapin>Drumz>I WIll take U Home (so poignant as the keyboardist has a newborn, it was beautiful) ANNNND a Box of Rain encore!!! (:

I mean can you say just exactly perfect?!

ok, I am gonna mercifully END this but will way even if nobody reads it the pleasure I have gotten from writing it is pretty moffen SWEET

oh, it also was super swell to find & get a niiiice Fafa hug after the show (& a Jerman one even!) (: (:

*~*one love*~*

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

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glad you went...

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By T (Wheres_my_flashbacks) on Monday, November 15, 2010 - 03:20 am: Edit Post

Holy Fuck!!!!!!!!!!
A very big show...a show of all shows...worth every fuckin cent and you know what?
I might do it again tommorow.

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do it...

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By ~Rays Of Light~ (Christopher710) on Monday, December 20, 2010 - 03:41 pm: Edit Post

Right the fuck on !