Poor Man's Whiskey, GAMH, 1/30/09

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The Pimpin' Hoe-down was opened by Flowmotion from Seattle. They were okay, my favorite song was definitely their cover of David Bowie's Fame...don't hear that often. The rest of their set from nearly metal to funk and blues, some of it was better, some of it wasn't. They primed the room well enough.

The opening set was LOUD. Set break continued loudly with a really bad string of disco...more than one bee gees song. I was worried the theme was going to take over a bit too much...I'm definitely not into the pimp and ho thing. But it never happened, I was happy about that :-)

The song selection was great, the guests were on fire, everything was just right! The place was crowded, probably not sold out though and it thinned as the night wore on...always love when things loose to that perfect point :-)

A couple highlights of the evening...Dan Lebo on China>Rider and Zac Matthews sitting in for a few tunes fiddle. James Nash also showed up for a little percussion and guitar sit in. There was a great Whiskey Creek>Elizabeth Reed in there and a cover of OCMS's Wagon Wheel, always love hearing that one. They played a bunch of originals as well, Lake County Lady, Beer Goggle Blues, Mexico and we even heard some new stuff too.

There were some acoustic instruments played, but for the most part the band has gone electric. Josh, the banjo player, spent most of the evening sitting at the keyboards, we got some banjo, but the addition of the keys was crucial! It really made the China>Rider and then later I was thinking it really made the next song and then the next one too! So there wasn't much opportunity to miss the banjo, with all the guests there were no holes to be heard. It was a great show!

And we did get a little taste of acoustic goodness at the end of the night. Curfew was reached, so the band unplugged and played a bit on the floor, always bonus points for the extra encores :-)