JJ Cale 3/30/09 Coach House SoCal

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caught the JJ Cale show last night.

JJ's got my respect for the music he has written and performed in the past. but last night's
show was a SnoozeFest and JJ is barely singing, more of a whisper. his playing was a mere shadow of the his former self, the cool swampy grooves kinda still there but band barely had any volume to back up JJ's painfully quiet and restrained guitar playing.

got some great tunes of course: After Midnight, Cocaine, Travelin Light, Best I Ever Had highlights for me.

a lot of old JJ fans grumbling on the way out. a few folks yelling for him to turn it up during the show. an exceptionally quiet and quite attentive sold-out house overall, but show lacked any sort of upbeat vibe, almost depressing to see such a legend just barely there physically.

if you want to enjoy some JJ Cale I would recommend saving the ticket and drinks $$ on a show and buying a copy of Troubador, a sixer of beer and a 1/2-flask of liquor. go home, put album on and then catch a nice buzz while cuttin a rug in your living room. with a equally-imbibed partner preferably.