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The voodoo soul of Rock and Roll is alive and well. Kid Congo and his new new band the Pink Monkeys sent a crack hit of the Devil's music into the soul of the Marseille rock scene tonight. Deep in the heart of the Arab quarter at the tiny box of madness that is L'Embobinuese, we all came together to worship the evil power of rock roll. Bo Diddley, The Cramps, Mudhoney and The Funky Meters sliced, diced and flambéed by Kid and his compatriots. Creating the twisted psycho groove that is Rock and Roll. A defibrillator for the soul sending electro shocks through the hashy haze and re-energizing the feeble spirit.

Long live rock and roll and long live Kid Congo!

Some background: Kid Congo Powers started his career with The LA band the Gun Club, later he joined The Cramps and played guitar on their seminal records Psychedelic Jungle and Smell of Female. After that he went on to play Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. With Nick he played on the classic albums The Good Son, and Tender Prey. He also played with Michael Gira's Angels of Light, and Jonathan Fire Eater.

Do yourself a favor and check them out if they come to yer town.

Don't be afraid of the Underground.