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Set I: (on at 10:35)

I Don't Know You
Where I Come From
Down The Middle
Watcha Gonna Do
Deep Elem Blues
Olivia Rose
Louisiana Lady
Ghost Train Blues

Set II:

Any Naked Eye >
Barracuda Moon >
Any Naked Eye
Sutter's Mill
Absolutely Sweet Marie
Rockin With Nona
Panama Red

Big Six
Take A Letter Maria (off at 1:45)

so for as many times as I've seen these guys, this was one of the better shows... a REALLY long first set, just busting out all there was to play.

highlight was (not surprisingly) the 2nd set opening ANE sandwich.

I can't recall hearing this song done with NRPS (as opposed to DNB), and having them open a set with it.

and of course because of the partying that always ensues at set break, to jump right into the deep end shortly thereafter was just heaven.

also, b/c there were 3 bands playing, and the length of the first set, and Nelson time, I don't think they started the 2nd set until appx 12:30, or so.

so because a lot of the crowd were just people coming down to the Shore for the first "summeresque" weekend, and just decided to go to the Pony, but the time the 2nd set started, the place cleared out really nicely, which provided a very nice amount of dance space for all of us to just hang together and get our groove on..... great times indeed.

and just one quick thing about the specific playing on Saturday night re Buddy.

to me, he's always the man, he always has that unique sounds that whirls around you and is just embedded in every note the band plays, but there are "regular" Buddy nights, and then there was Saturday night, where you just felt like he was just a little less bored than he normally looks like he is, lol :-O

anyways, aside from his whirling pedal steel sounds, and his layering, he was playing these really FAT, bomb-like notes all night long.

really just like pedal steel bombs, if you will.

the dude was on, and it rocked.

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Pedal Steel Bombs!! Nice!

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By JHT or Johnyrider or (John) on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 - 07:33 pm: Edit Post

thanks for the review Eric!

I'm a big fan of buddys pedal steel when it gets between the ears and swirls around. And I really enjoy the second sets once it clears out.