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went solo, small amount of fungus (needed the energy, had driven 6 hours yesterday etc burnt today though)so it got weird at times, but i love the energy cid or a little fungus gives you, that extra boost to groove...they made everyone sit, as people started to dance in the small theater, i hate that so much, usually its ga there for moe. RRE, dog hard to sit still, great little town, arty, great irish pub that used to be a bank 'siams' or somthing, sweet bartenders, so pretty...much older crowd, i felt young (im 44)...40th anniversary of the Feat, sort of a nostalgia act, but they did jam, stretched out some songs really well...Paul is a better guitarist than i remember, Billy Payne strong as always...very humble band, cool place, cool time...the drive home was great, Zepplin Dazed and Confused blew my mind as i made it home and had central air for the first time in my new apt!!! FEAT UP!

(from spliffy mcgee)

Date: 8/25/2009 Location: Sherman Theater - Stroudsburg, PA


Marginal Creatures, Hate To Lose Your Lovin', Rocket In My Pocket, Red Streamliner, Skin It Back, Truck Stop Girl, Willin' > Don't Bogart That Joint > Long Black Veil > The Weight > Willin'> Six Feet Of Snow, Dixie Chicken, Let It Roll, E: Oh Atlanta

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