4-2-02 Bozeman, MT

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C'mon folks...no folder even? I have some friends from Bigfork, MT who are making the show, and I'll promise to post their review...

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Movin' to Montana soon gonna be a mennil-toss flykune I'm pluckin' the ol' Dennil Floss that's growin' on the prairie Pluckin' the floss!

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Where's the reviews!?

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where is Matt and his kind prose?

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this is a first.

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the show was that good?
either that or no one in Montana has internet access

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OK folks, sorry about the lame postings for the Bozeman show. I've enjoyed reading the postings from the other tours which have allowed me to experience the shows vicariously. We returned to Missoula yesterday and I got up to the local hill for another great day of spring skiing. Imagine my shock when I checked the reviews and only saw four sorry-ass postings. Geez.

OK, lets get started. First of all we drove over on a beautiful sunny day. A storm had blown through, leaving the mountains a glorious, pure white against the deep blue sky. What a day for a show. My lady and I met some Missoula ski-heads at the hotel, relaxed for a while then went to dinner. The waitress was an engineering student and informed us that the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse was the second largest wooden dome structure by just one-foot. That set my brain a frying.

I must say, when we walked in, this grand old wooden ship left a smoking crater of my mind. The building was stunning. The size of the crowd was somewhat disapointing, but that meant that we could freely roam the arena and we sampled the show from several different vantage points. It felt like the band was at home with its Montana family. Everything was perfect, the only question was could they dial in the sound under this vast dome. They did.

The highlights of the show were, well just about everything. Scarlet got us dancing and we never stopped. Blue Sky really made me appreciate how much I enjoy Allman covers, especially when you realize that the guitarist were Allmans. Phil's Uncle John's bombs made me smile which was pretty hard because my freakin' grin was already huge. Unbroken Chain filled my heart with so much love. And again I can't get enough of this dome. The lighting would really set off the wooden beams and lattice work. Spectacular.

The second set Sunshine made me realize how much I enjoy Warren's direct style. Just get from point A to point B with the straightest riffs possible. I've always enjoyed the Dead's versions of Ship of Fools and Sugaree, and the PLQ didn't disappoint. But the highlight was Mountains of the Moon followed by St. Stephan. It ripped my face right off my head. And closing with a Band song left me feeling good seeing hippies and rednecks in lock step.

Phil said something about how several times during the night how they felt like they were taking off. I think he was referring to the beautiful wooden spaceship and the love the crowd was throwing him.

Get ready Denver!

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Hey Matt,
Thank you for allowing me to experience this show vicariously. And thanks for the review!!!!

the weight?
holy smokes how the hell was this?!?!! love that song, love the band.

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Alrighty, Reviews are not exactly my forte' as I'm usually so blown away by the show that condensing it into words is tough but here go's:

I flew in to Missoula from Nashville, TN a few days earlier but couldn't make the Boise show the night earlier so couldn't wait to start the Boseman show which didn't start till after 8:00 (7:30 scheduled). After a relatively short Jam they open with a standard version of Scarlet. I'll never complain about a Scarlet but didn't feel like this one really got off the ground. Maybe it was just b/c the show was relatively small (only about 2,500 of a 8,000+ possible) and the crowd was relatively laid back to start. Scarlet lead right into Crazy Fingers, and man can Baracco's fingers fly. You can tell he totally got into this one, long jam at the end. Blue Sky got the crowd really started, although not as long as I would have liked, Jimmy and Warren really played off each other. Patchwork might be my favorite song from the new album, Warren can really belt out those bluesy tunes and talk about some serious phil bombs, that old wood of the arena just hummed right along. But it was UJB that stole the first set, started out with the fast paced, upbeat tempo that I first heard at the New Years Eve show. I would not have recognized it at first (I don't believe most people did) except that it was burned into my memory from NYE. John Molo was exceptional, and Phil's voice just resonated like his bass. Unbroken Chain was a great end to the first set, it seemed like each song Phil's voice got stronger, more powerful and you could really tell how much each of them wanted sing, play and just be there.

Intermission was long, I think a little over an hour. The second set was a roller-coaster. After a short Jam they commanded a powerful Sunshine, with Warren sounding like he was made for this song. RB got his turn next with I believe the first time 'Leave me out of this" has been played. Very fast paced and really got a great reception by everyone. Ship of Fools slowed things way down, which I know some people have complained about, but screw 'em, it was beautiful and I'll take any chance to hear Phil sing. I believe it was at the end of this that they went into a different tease/jam but I didn't recognize it. Anyone? 1000 stars gave Warren another chance to showcase his power both vocally and instrumentally. After a long intro, what a gift did Phil give us with Mountains of the Moon. Hauntingly beautiful and then, finally, after the many, many teases of the night before the two notes that everyone that had traveled from Boise the night before had been waiting for...ST STEPHEN!!! Man was that place a hopin, some serious phil bombs had the even the bleachers hummin. Warren kept everyone goin with a killer Sugaree and the Weight was just icing with everyone doing a verse (except Jimmy, will Jimmy ever sing???).

Before the Weight, Phil came out and spoke for quite a few minutes about what a great time they had tonight, that he felt that they "certainly got off the ground a few times tonight" and that the Music isn't created in a vacuum, that it was recycled energy from the crowd and then went into his standard Donor Rap.

PHIL, WARREN, ROB, JOHN, JIMMY and all the PHRIENDS that made Boseman happen, THANK YOU!!!!!! Play what you want, play it with the energy and love that you did that night and you will always have the dedication and appreciation of thousands and PHANS like me.

peace y'all and hope to see you next show!

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Thanks for the reviews All!

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yea we got internet and caps lock, and we got a blessing with Phil Lesh and Friends one day. This was to be my first Phil show, and I knew not what to expect. At all...
I remember it being a cold day, and I remember coming across psychoactive substances in the form of thin dried mushrooms. About one hour before the show these were taken with ritualistic abandon, giving me the impression that I'd be able to walk to the few blocks to the show and get inside and settled before things went awry. I was wrong, as these set in within fifteen minutes, leaving me bewildered as to what to put on, what should i take, etc. After five trips back indoors to get forgotten things, I and some company began to make our way to the Fieldhouse...
It was cold, cold and brisk. An icy wind whipped all around me, and why were things so strange around there. I almost lost focus of the task at hand when i stepped into the neighboring dorm building adjacent to the concert for heat.
I heard people speak but couldn't decipher whether or not i should be speaking as well, and oh god, what would i say? These people were not in the same realm as me, there was definitely that gap between man and wanderer...
I made it to the show, then lost the people i was with, then found them again, as the venue was sporadically interlaced with seperate groups of people. I saw few faces i recognized, even though i live here in this town.
After many electrifying minutes aboard a ship of uncertainty, and much milling around, more or less not knowing what to do with myself or what kind of music i was in for... the lights dimmed.
The crowd cheered, I continued to wonder. Then the jam began... seemingly normal by my now trained ears, but when it was new it was *new*
The jam morphed into a Scarlet Begonias, and i realized that i was in for more than an ordinary concert. This was to be my Dead show, something i never was fortunate enough to witness while it happened back in its heyday. This was my chance to witness the magic, to recognize the vibe, to feel the elation in this type of music that was so genuinely springboarded by the Dead. Hooray...
I jammed through the first couple of songs, and then they ripped into a Blue Sky.
Now being from middle Georgia, the home of the Allmans, i was ecstatic. Then i recognized the man on stage, I had eaten three mini burgers and fries at a table next to his at a Krystal restaurant in Macon. It was Jimmy Herring, one of my heros from the Aquarium Rescue Unit. I felt a connection, a tie...
I found myself lounged back on the bleachers to the left of the stage, up at eye level with the band. Phil appeared and disappeared behind his microphone stand, Barracos energy and head bobs were infectious, Warren was solid as a rock as always, and Mother Earth drums John Molo held down rhythmic delights.
I had found my new favorite song, at each and every one they played. I started to realize that each and every moment in time is better than the last, or has the potential to be that way at least.
I tapped people, "did you hear that? Can you believe this?" I was witnessing a unique blend of an Allman/Dead infusion blend, spiked with modern day wizardry.
I couldn't believe the feelings i felt, I laughed at the same time i cried, I cried and at the same time i laughed. I felt joy all around me...
Patchwork Quilt came across as one of the most emotionally pure songs i had ever heard--> Uncle John's Band, a song that would probably play the soundtrack of my growing up youth. Uncle Johns band has always been my favorite song, ever since i began to listen to and appreciate music, and i spent my childhood in the eighties, early nineties.
So Uncle Johns Band was indeed special to hear, into one i'd never heard before, Unbroken Chain, "looking for familiar faces, in an empty window pain"- i knew the feeling, i could feel it i the air, i had become supersensory. I could smell people flick their bic lighters 15 feet away, and i really could. I could smell people's distorted appearances, maybe not for real, i could taste their emotions, and it was all good. Nothing but joy, nothing but elation and admiration for my fellow humans.
Set break was long and strange, as when the lights went on i felt like it was serious time again, like i had to snap out of it, but i didn't. I watched in amazement the games people play: people watching at it's finest is midstride a fine concert with a headful of psychedelics...
just as i thought i might not take it anymore, the lights dimmed, and i felt a collective sigh of anticipated relief arise from the crowd. The band started with a complimentary jam-->Cream's Sunshine of your Love, which rocked along with enthusiastic enthusiasm. I like that song, and liked it more at every moment during its beautiful interpretation that night. I rolled on the bleachers. Leave me outta this was sincere and diligent, ship of fools once again stirred up emotions in my brain. And then i became Warren Haynes' biggest fan after hearing his domination during Night of 1000 stars.rank it 1000 stars,
And St. Stephen, whoo! woah! The opening two notes opened my ears once more to the beauty all around me, then they spiral up, and collapse down in a frenzious cataclysmic orgasmic explosion. I suddenly found my feet again for the first time since the beginning of the show, so i used my body to dance a victory dance. They spun it down, eventually, into a stellar Sugaree, and told me to shake it, shake it! Then i was told to "Take a load off Annie, take a load for free, ... put your load right on me."-It seemed to sum up what i had been feeling the entire night: the band had allowed me to feel this way, to unravel my emotional knots in my head, and lay it upon them, which they in turn churn up and recycle back towards me and the audience as sheer brilliant beauty, for any willing to accept it. And I was.
Thank you to Phil and all these people that continue to make this brand of music.
This show started me down a path to enlightenment, and that can't be a bad thing. I have since expanded my music library by many inspiring recordings from Phil and the Dead, with and without Jerry.
I appreciate the continuation because without it, if they had of stopped and dropped it all when Jerry departed, I, and thousands like me would not have gotten the opportunity to experience the incredibleness of it all.
I left the concert that night feeling a sense of rebirth.
All because of sounds in the air? Different resonance patters reaching my auditory receptors, being perceived by the human brain. Is that all it is? I think not.
There definitely is something magical and wonderful going on with this life we're living here; and all lives around us. I love everybody and everything, all is how it should and will be; where the past meets the future is where we exist. If there is no past, there are no problems.
I've rarely felt more positive of these facts than after that 2nd night in April, year of 2002.

it's like going to church

thanks for the initiation Phil,
I sincerely appreciate it.