7-21&22-01 Hartford & SPAC

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I was fortunate enough to catch both shows this
past weekend at Hartford and up at Saratoga
Springs. What an amazing weekend. i truly feel
blessed. After vowing never to return to the
seventh circle hell that is the Meadows, my friend
Bart had some extra tickets in the 10th row. i
quickly changed my tune and had a great show with
my friend Brenda who had not seen a show in 10
years or so. We ended up dancing all night from
the 5th row to the lawn and I will never forget
the St. Stephen into eyes back into St. Steven,
amazing. Dear mr. Fantasy could not be beat, only
topped slightly by the low spark of high heeled
boys the next night at Saratoga. The 11! Cosmic
Charlie! Such a beautiful Cassidy with Bobby! Help
on the way, oh yeah! huge chords ripping out and
the jam soaring above. The next night in Saratoga
Ratdog was amazing! In Hartford they were good,
but in Saratoga they were great. Amazing version
of Terrapin Station, so glad to hear it after
missing Phil do it at Great Woods a few nights
earlier. Cryptical was kicking! "Spanish lady
comes to me, she lays on me this rose" as only
Bobby could sing it. He's gone, so touching with
the sun setting and Jerry so far away. The songs
with Phil were great; Music never stopped as only
Bobby could sing it and good Lovelight to start
off the night. The second set found me having
moved all the way from the lawn to the 2nd row as
if it were meant to be, and Viola Lee Blues was
simply undescribe-able how good it was followed by
an amazing Lucy in the sky and Mason's children,
the other one into the Wheel. I was floating on
clouds, so high and full of good vibes, I mostly
saw smiles and not because of any chemicals just
the combination of grace and the evolution of
music. I found the tapestry that they had
displayed quite profound, showing a castle being
hit by a lightning bolt and some symbols of stars,
I took it to mean the coming earth changes,
perhaps this type of music will help us to evolve.
It sure feels good when it is flowing. I was
somewhat dismayed to see more sketchy characters
in the parking lot as Phish is not touring and
Phil is the only real game in town but it also was
good to have that feel of an event that really
just takes over a location and affects one and
all. I would love to do it all over again and
cannot wait until Fall tour comes around. Peace to
all, JT