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Phil Lesh and Friends Mardi Gras Spectacular
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium SF, CA
12 February 2005 - Part 2


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Set Two: "joc-a-mo-fee-no-ah-nah-nay"

Iko Iko is derived from New Orleans Mardi Gras songs about the Black
Indians, parade clans wearing ceremonial Indian garments who engage in
mêlées of dancing and clothing. "Joc-a-mo-fee-no-ah-nah-nay" is a mantra
used by the Mardi Gras Indians which suggests "don't mess with us", or
literally, "the fool we will not play today".

As the Mardi Gras dancers sauntered out, exquisite in their green
regalia, some high-stepping, others spinning chains of kaleidoscope light,
the official procession was underway. The floats began to percolate, and to
fireworks, calliopes, and clowns, Houseman's wailing and authentic rendition
of CARNIVAL TIME pushed the train out of Terrapin Station as it was, all

Stilt-walkers strutted, scantily-clad beauties with glittering sequin
and elaborate headdresses flanked the stage, and the man who was dubbed "the
illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa", Wavy Gravy, served as
master of ceremonies, regal in his Technicolor clown suit and at the helm of
the masterfully-constructed UBC float.

Smiles abound, the rhythm became Iko Iko, and we entered a realm of
pure bliss. Ethereal and sublime, balloons descended from the rafters,
floating ever so gently as our collective hearts relished in the moment, the
tribal boogie at a fever pitch. Colors emerged I hadn?t known existed, and
like our very spirits, blended together seamlessly.

The ceremonial goat which was the crown-and-glory of the dazzling DNC
float seemed to trot nobly on some celestial field to the cadence of an
unending rhythm, unleashed by the liquid keys of Particle's Steve Molitz and
the backbone of P&F, John Molo.

The caboose was a Mayan pyramid, created by the tribe from
and their unrivaled artisan Vince, ushered in by flag-bearers who
represented symbols of the new time, a sloughing off our current timekeeping
with a 13-moon calendar leading us back to down the path of peace and
natural health.

I myself felt like I transformed into Pekal Votan, cosmic messenger and
Mayan priest, while the stunning revelers beside me passed out an endless
treasure trove of commemorative chips, beads, and lovely garlands.
Individual consciousness washed away. Ego-death was upon us. Strangers were
as family, and there was a smile on every face.

SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD was like a revelation, and it felt like a
zip drive was plugged directly into my brain, opening at hyper-speed as
would an infinitely blooming rose of knowledge and awareness. I felt myself
literally catching my breath, and of course, the kids continued to groove
three feet off the ground.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Who you are speaks so loudly no one can hear
a word you're saying." Describing this fleeting moment feels very much
futile, and my sincerest apologies to you the reader. Luckily, who we are as
community speaks volumes. Like Phil always says, they send out this music
and this love to us, and we churn it around and send it right back to them.
Thanks to you, our community, for making this all possible.…

[…to be continued...]

Rolling Rider

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