8-18-99 Cuthbert Ampitheatre Eugene, OR
Phil Lesh & Friends

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8/18/99 Eugene -- Lisa, 10:37:11 08/25/99 Wed

The hell with these verbose "reviews."
"Like a Rolling Stone> I Know You Rider" at Eugene was better than sex.
'nuf said.

Re: 8/18/99 Eugene -- ez rider, 11:07:31 08/25/99 Wed

                                   > The hell with these verbose "reviews."
                                   > "Like a Rolling Stone> I Know You Rider" at Eugene was
                                   > better than sex.
                                   > 'nuf said.

Lisa, your the kind of woman I'm loookin for!!! I wish I was next to you in Eugene. Thanks for the spicy comment.

Phil Lesh & Friends, Eugene OR August 18, 1999 -- Funky Woodman, 02:49:30 08/21/99 Sat

I continue to enjoy the unique good feelings manifested by the presence and efforts of the Phil Lesh and Friends tour in Eugene during the past few days. Excitement grew quickly  as the scheduled dates were made known; tickets went fast and the lack of the same in no way diminished the sense of wonder and hope at the possibility of another installment of proven good energy; energy of the sort that persists through times when the order of things is less clear and the task more routine. For all the times without, a shining time with, and a chance for the pendulum to swing ahead in the right direction. It appeared so. The arrival of followers from far and wide.

Weather to think about. Gifts of fresh fruit from an unknown older woman on the hill over town the morning of show number two. The giving of time and energy by Phil on behalf of "Autism Rocks", and the response to that acknowledgement on his behalf that beyond the individual interest is the need for community and community works. 

Summertime music shows, in the fading light of day which turned tree top into shining torch light, are summer fruit. The world turned, but time paused as music and the joy it brings bridged this place with every other where those elements of tone, rhythm and family stand alone in heart and memory. Joy endures; Phil's visage among the younger musicians announced the fact as the business of the music was attended with respect (closing tunes on the ebb) and in response to feedback from the crowd. 

The selection of "Blue Sky" was homage to the wide world of jams that remain in the fields between this summer eve and every other one for thirty years, natural sounds and reflections on the natural world adorned with hardware. Warren Dancing feet hide in shoes everywhere, and smiles in the eyes of the old nurture the works of the young. Go forward in a blue sky, smiling; sunny day indeed!

Painted now on the walls of the heart are pictures of joy wrought by percussive thought of fingers on strings, or keys, and sticks on skin, wrought from the essential  colors of hope carried in bright worn satchels woven from the fibers of individual lives and times. Shortly into the first set of tunes it was apparent that those hues of hope would be buffed and shined and put once more right up there on the dashboard, leading the way down paths we have yet to travel.

Mr. Kang's violin playing was tasteful and demonstrated a good deal of respect for the nature of the group. 

Warren Haynes added excellent dynamic; strong in his ways, and bringing along the voices of home folks from way on down the line. As noted above, he is an  excellent addition; his music suggests roots that include all manner of human need.
Keyboards were right in there jamming.

Band leader Lesh had the vision for the sound and led the tour for the evening, opening doors to collections of perceptions collected from many far corners, all on the foundations noted above.
                                                        In the end, joy. 
Thanks to all who invent this thing; the impression will linger long. Good Luck!!

                                               ps - best wishes to Space Wrangler.

8/18/99 -- Matt Bellingham, 13:09:06 08/19/99 Thu

                                                Another very nice show!

Great to see Phil blend in so well with such different musicians each night. The man is having a ball. In fact, they all seem to be having the time of there life up there.
Just one heart felt jam after the other. 

This show had a completely different vibe than the previous night. Don't know quite how to describe it other than saying it was just different. It seemed to have a more down home feel to it. 

A lovely moment happened at the very beginning as everyone on stage was tuning and twisting the various knobs. Someone against the stage was waving a bouquet of red roses. Kimock noticed it and tip toed comically across the stage and grabbed them. He then handed them to Phil who held them up to his nose and took a big sniff. He then said to the audience, "Geese, we usually get these after the show." It was a nice touch I thought.

Here's the list:
Like a Rolling Stone>
!***JAM***! (Good God did this thing go every which way and back again.)>>>>
I Know You Rider
Mississippi Half Step Toodleloo
Patchwork Quilt??? (Never heard it, liked it!)>
She Said>
Tomorrow Never Knows
Jack -A- Roe (Phil needs to step this one up a notch vocally)
Phil introduces the band (Kimock gets one set of applause and then another much more heartfelt set that causes him to get a big ol' grin across his face. He then bowed gratefully to us. Very nice!)
Days Between (Missed Jerry big! I liked the shirt someone was wearing that said across the front "Fuckinmisshim!"
Blue Sky (What a treat!)
Lovelight (Expected to see Pig come out from the side and boogy across!)
Phil's Organ donor rap!
E: Casey Jones (Needs a little work, but still a hoot!)

Have fun at the Greek everybody, wish I was going too!!! :^(