Phil and Friends - Winter Tour 2001
Phil Lesh, John Molo, Warren Haynes (g), Jimmy Herring (g), Rob Barraco (k)
Many thanks to all the PHIL-anthropists out there for the help. 2001

PHILmore Auditorium
Denver, CO
Set 1: Jam>
Mississippi Half Step>
Smokestack Lightning (WH)>
Shakedown Street (WH)
Ramble On Rose (RB)
Broken Arrow (PL/WH)>
Cold Rain and Snow

Set 2: Jam> Help on the Way>
Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower
Crazy Fingers (RB)>
Not Fade Away
Soulshine (WH)
Fire on the Mtn.
Morning Dew
E: The Wheel>
Other One V1> The Wheel

PHILmore Auditorium
Denver, CO
Set 1: *Jam> *Birdsong>
*Jam> *The Eleven> *Jam>
*%Keep On Growin' (all)>
Built to Last (WH)>
Dear Mr Fantasy (WH)
Doin'That Rag (RB)

Set 2: +Lovelight (ST&WH)>
Mountains of the Moon>
Just A Little Light (WH)
Patchwork Quilt (WH)>
St Stephen> Mountain Jam>
St Stephen> Golden Road (WH)
E: Tom Thumbs
%1st time played
* w/ Derek Trucks
+w/ Susan Tedeschi

Roseland Theater
Portland, OR

Set 1: Jam> Scarlet>
Uncle John's (all)> Jam>
Lazy River Road
GDTRFB (all)> Jam>
Scarlet (coda)
I Know You Rider
Sugaree (WH)

Set 2: Passenger (RB-all)>
Cacophony Jam> Passenger>
Wharf Rat (WH)>
Brown Eyed Women (RB)
She Said She Said (WH)
Viola Lee Blues (v1)>
Dark Jam> Bertha (RB)>
Viola Lee (v2)>
Why Dont We Do It In The Rd>
Jam> Viola Lee (v3)
E: U.S. Blues (RB)

Roseland Theater
Portland, OR

Set 1: Darkstar V1>
Eyes of the World>
Darkstar V2>
Low Spark (WH)>
Strawberry Fields (RB)>
Dire Wolf (RB)
Cumberland Blues (all)

Set 2: New Speedway>
Other One V2> Jam>
Tastes Like Wine (WH)
China Cat (RB)>
Dancin' (RB)>
Cosmic Charlie (all)>
E: Stella Blue (WH)>
Bid You Goodnight

Maritime Hall
San francisco, CA

Set 1: Jam>
Acadian Driftwood (RB/WH)>
FOTD> Uncle John's Band>
Jam> Blue Sky>
Sunshine of Your Love (WH)

Set 2: Jam> Soulshine (WH)>
Unbroken Chain> Jam>
Golden Road (WH-all)
Shakedown (WH)> Foolish>
Lovelight (WH)>
Just A Little Light (WH)>
E: Into The Mystic (WH)

Maritime Hall
San francisco, CA

Set 1: Passenger (RB/WH-all)>
Jam> Tennessee Jed (RB)
Cumberland (all)
Smokestack (WH)> Jam>
Smokestack (WH)>
Casey Jones (RB-all)

Set 2: Jam>
Low Spark (WH)>
Jam> Watchtower (WH)>
Help RB)> Slip> Jam>
I Am The Walrus (RB)>
Slipknot> Franklin's Tower (all)
E: Cosmic Charlie
Maritime Hall
San francisco, CA

Set 1: Jam>
Here Comes Sunshine (RB)>
Mirror of Thalassa>
Here Comes Coda>
St. Stephen> Jam>
The Eleven> St. Stephen>
Keep On Growin'

Set 2: Jam>
Taste Like Wine (WH)> Jam>
Brown Eyed Women (RB)
She Said (WH)> Jam>
Cryptical> Other 1 (v1)>
The Wheel> Jam> Other 1 (v2)>
Cryptical> I Know You Rider>
E: Patchwork Quilt (WH)>
Box of Rain

Maritime Hall
San francisco, CA

Set 1: Dancin' (RB)> Jam>
Scarlet> Dancin'>
Playin' Coda> Jam>
Duprees (WH), Bertha (RB)

Set 2: Caution Jam>
Dear Mr. Fantasy (WH)>
Dark Star (v1)>
Tomorrow Never Knows>
Dark Star (v2)>
Wharf Rat (WH)> Rag Jam>
Viola Lee Blues>
In the Midnight Hour (WH)>
Jam> Viola Lee Blues
E: Strawberry Fields (RB)>
Comes A Time (WH)>
And We Bid You Goodnight

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